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Flexiframe celebrates Swedish National Day

25-section ISOframe Ripple in sports stadium

Flexiframe and X-Stand celebrate

Swedish National Day

Our partners at Mark Bric Display AS in Norway created and sold this X-Stand with Flexiframe to the Swedish Ambassador in Norway for the display about Swedish National Day.

The versatility of Flexiframe means that the frame could replicate the colours of the Swedish Flag by using yellow corners with blue profiles to make an attractive display.

Swedish National Day is celebrated as a public holiday on 6th June every year as it is the date when Gustav Vasa was elected King in 1523, 500 years ago this year, laying the foundations of Sweden as an independent state, as well as the day on which the Swedish Constitution was adopted in 1809.

The Flexiframe modular framing system is the ideal versatile and economical system to create displays of almost any size, shape and colour, from a single wall-mounted frame, to a complete trade show stand!

Flexiframe is available in 16 standard colours and can be combined with floor stands, wall brackets, connectors, poles, feet and table tops to create almost anything that you can imagine!

Read more about Flexiframe in our brochure or on our website.

Contact us if you would like further information or prices.

New Catalogue

25-section ISOframe Ripple in sports stadium


New 2023 Catalogues available now


Our brand new catalogues, full of all our great products, are now available to view online or to download.


Our General Catalogue is fully up to date and includes all of our top quality products from the original and versatile Flexiframe framing system, through SnapUp pop-ups and ISOframe Wave and Fabric, to the new and attractive LightUp light box.


The Component List is included inside the General Catalogue and here you can find all of the parts for ISOframe Custom, ISOframe Fabric, ISOframe Light Box and EGO.  Whether you wish to design a custom-made exhibition or get a spare part you will find it here.


For any questions or assistance please get in touch with us and we will be pleased to help you.

ISObar – all modules in stock now

25-section ISOframe Ripple in sports stadium
25-section ISOframe Ripple in sports stadium


Our modular ISObar counter system is available as Straight, Curved and 90-Degree Corner sections so that you can fully customise and build a sturdy counter wherever you need it.

Find out more about ISObar here.

Key features of ISObar:

  • Complete with sturdy wooden top, inner shelf and base
  • Totally tool-free and easy to build
  • Add or take away modules as desired to fit your space
  • Use single stand-alone module or create custom counters with a unique shape by combining curved, straight and 90-degree modules
  • LED lighting available for under the table top and the base
  • Easily portable and supplied packed into reusable boxes with shock-proof foam inserts for protection during transport
  • Modular – choose Straight, Curved or 90-degree corner modules.

ISObar is in stock now and available for swift despatch!

FREE and easy-to-use 3D Design Program

Image of MB Stand Designer web page

One of the best and easiest ways to sell or design an exhibition or trade show stand is to create a 3D visualization of it.

Our free 3D design program “Mark Bric Stand Designer” allows you full creativity and is incredibly easy to use with full instructions on the download page: Mark Bric Stand Designer.

3D design to real life stand - ISOframe Wave
From 3D Visualization in Mark Bric Stand Designer to the real-life exhibition stand.  3D Stand Designer allows you to add modules and customise each with artwork to see how the finished stand will look when built.

Download our free 3D design program for PC or Mac, Android or iPad, here: Mark Bric Stand Designer and then contact us at with your e-mail address and we will set up your account for you.

See some examples below.

All standard ISOframe Wave modules are available to use: Flexi-Link, Tables with or without Media Screens, Doors, Showcases, Graphic Wings and many more, as well as SnapUp Counters and SwingUp Literature Racks

Bend and flex the Wave modules and choose one of the standard flooring options to customise your stand design, or…

ISOframe Fabric is also available with customisable frame sizes and the ability to add media screens and artwork.  Add people to your stand to give a sense of scale.
Bend and flex the Wave Flexi-Link modules from straight to 180-degree curves, concave or convex.  Build counters with ISObar Curved or Straight.  Add artwork to fully customise.
… fully customise walls, counter and even the floor with your own artwork or brand colouring.
A wide range of our products are available to use in Mark Bric Stand Designer.  Build with Flexiframe, adjusting frame size and colour as required and adding headers.  SnapUp and ISOframe Ripple are also in the program.

Contact us at to finish setting up your Mark Bric Stand Designer account or if you have any questions.

ISOframe Ripple

25-section ISOframe Ripple in sports stadium
25-section ISOframe Ripple in sports stadium


ISOframe Ripple is the ideal alternative to pop-up displays and banner stands, extremely portable and easy to use.

View our Ripple Animation

Key features of ISOframe Ripple:
• All panels 800mm wide and interchangeable
• Standard heights 2100mm or 2270mm
• Flex to almost any shape to suit your space
• Add media screens and spotlights
• Incredibly lightweight and compact
• Fits into the boot of a small car
• Extremely cost effective
• No tools required
• Case to counter conversions available

Why choose between a banner stand and a pop-up when you can have both!

13-module ISOframe Ripple
Two Ripple pictures - 3-Module forest & 3-module Audi showroom
9-Module ISOframe Ripple Wall

Opening Hours Summer 2022

Dear Friends and Mark Bric Family members,

Summer has arrived in Sweden and we would like to inform you of the Swedish Midsummer Holiday and also to give you advance notification of our main Summer Shutdown when our head office and warehouse will be closed for two weeks.

Midsummer Holiday Closure: –
Head office closes at 14:00 on Thursday 23rd June
Closed all day Friday 24th June
Open as normal from 08:00 on Monday 27th June.

Main Summer Shut Down: –
Head office closes at 13:00 on Friday 15th July
Closed weeks 29 and 30 – from Monday 18th July to Friday 29th July inclusive.
Open as normal from 08:00 on Monday 1st August.

Please consider these dates when placing your orders and try to order in good time before the main Summer Shutdown.

We wish you all a very lovely summer!

With kind regards,
Your Mark Bric Display Team

Welcome to our new website!

We have developed a brand new website, which is currently available in English and in French. Translation is underway for a Swedish and a German version which will be launched in the near future.

As you can see our website has received a major facelift! During spring we have reworked our entire website with the graphic profile you recognize from our latest catalogues.

We look forward to connect with you through are new chat widget, feel free to try it out!

Apart from the glossy surface, the website platform has also been updated and we will now continue to develop and improve the site even further.

The website is our way to connect with our customers and partners, please give us your feedback if you have ideas on how we could make it even better!


We are really happy to be able to introduce a product which can prevent spreading of the corona virus and protect employees and customers during this difficult time. The introduction of our Flexiframe foldable screen has been a great success in our home country of Sweden and we hope that the interest from the rest of the world will be the same.

The Flexiframe corona shield is now available in 2 sizes, Maxi and Midi.

Download our NEW info leaflet with plenty of Flexiframe virus protection screens.


The Coronavirus has unfortunately hit all over the world. However, in the Mark Bric Display family we are here for you and can offer some great and economical products to protect you and your employees and customers during this time. Our unique Flexiframe products are flexible and available quickly and in many custom sizes.

Flexiframe virus protection screen – available immediately – easy to use.
The protective shield has foldable side wings to give all round protection and visibility. Set the wings to the desired angle. All frames are equipped with a 1 mm transparent foil. Manufactured in-house and available for immediate dispatch.

Download sales leaflet


Check out the new Mark Bric Display France show-room and offices which was opened this year just outside Lyon. Jerome Beuret, the manager of the company, is elegantly demonstrating the assembly of ISOframe Wave and Fabric as well as the nice combo of the Magic Counter and ShowFlex. Mark Bric Family – the experts in creating rooms for meetings all around the globe!