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SnapUp allow for fast presentation of seamless large-format graphics. Text and graphics are totally uninterrupted and will attract full attention.

The SnapUp product line is based on the pop-up principle. Backwalls of straight, curved and cylindrical shape, as well as counters and reception desks are available to fit all types of display requirements. All products offer unparalleled durability, portability and ease of use.

With the SnapUp line Mark Bric introduced the extensive use of magnets (Magnet Pro) to simplify to set-up of the system as well as the graphic panels.

Choose between the top-of-the line MP1 (cross braced for extreme rigidity), the most popular MP2 (traditional) and the Stretch (for fabric) model. For the reception desks/counters there are a Maxi, Midi and Mini to choose from. A wide range of accessories are available: Spotlights, case/counter conversions, inner shelving etc.

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The Mark Bric products are available worldwide through
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Mark Bric SnapUp includes our three Pop-Up models: MP1, MP2 and Stretch. Ideal pop-up exhibition systems for large format graphics. The genius MagnetPro (MP) features of these popup exhibition systems make them extremely easy to assemble, compared to other more limited and complicated display systems. SnapUp is available in different formats and in a curved, straight or cylindrical shape. The SnapUp programme also includes demo counters, reception desks and display towers.